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New Site!

From 10,000 stickies… Welcome to our brand new web site – We are SO excited to introduce every one of you to our play, our actors and our long-awaited, 15-venue, 2,000 mile statewide tour. Just in time for our first show in Elkins Park, Pa, where we’re expecting over 50 guests in the pouring rain. (People who care about kids and schools REALLY care!) Even now, with the Pennsylvania legislature still struggling (in October!) to pass a budget, we’re making a full scale push to get every village, town and metropolis talking about how urgently we need to find a fair and reliable solution for funding our public schools. School Play is our way of inviting everyone in Pennsylvania into the conversation about education, via the true stories of real people all across the state.  Keep checking back here for news and notes from the road, by every member of our cast and crew — and guest bloggers too, as we traipse around the state in rented vehicles, making up word games to play in the car. So browse our brand new site, sign in and send us reactions to our shows or news about your upcoming School Play performance or just keep us in the loop with what you and your local school district are experiencing. See you on the road!

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