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School Play, a documentary-style theatre piece, draws on verbatim interviews and quotes with a variety of citizens on all sides of the school funding issue.

Since ancient Greece, live theatre has been used to touch hearts and minds, connecting divisive moral or political conflicts to personal stakes and humanizing painful choices.

We have put genuine human faces to this story to further the connection to these issues and why they matter. By cutting through the numbers and political arguments, we will all discover ways to make things better for our children and our communities.

School Play is intended to galvanize Pennsylvanians and spark informed conversation around school funding. We envision School Play to be performed on stages, courthouse steps, church basements – anywhere and everywhere we can create a dialogue with our community about the state of our schools.

“You know, I-I- I don’t wanna get all mushy and all like that, but it wasn’t a job for me, and again, I don’t want it to sound self serving, it was a calling.”