Script & Toolkit

Take School Play to the streets! Take it to the schools!

Take it wherever you think it will help these powerful voices to be heard.

Even today, legislators in Harrisburg are discussing budget allocations that will affect all of our kids and communities. You can help get more people statewide to understand the importance of funding public education equitably and sustainably.


School Play is portable, adaptable, and free! We encourage unlimited performances by any group of people who feel inspired to help spark a conversation about public education and its value to us all.

Produce School Play in your church, on the library steps, at the Community Center or at your HSA meeting. Do monologues at half-time, at the farm market, or hold a House Party to showcase the need for fair and reliable funding. Be dramatic!

To see some of our pop-up events, click here.


1) Contact us to let us know what you plan to do and when, so we can post it or help.
2) Choose and download your script. Do the full-length play, an abridged version or a few monologues. Always assign parts and rehearse out loud before meeting your public!
3) If performing outdoors, inquire whether a permit is required from your township. If you can, use microphones – they really help.
4) Check out our original interview material for insight into the characters you are portraying.
5) Send us any photos or local press coverage to
Our producer is available to assist with production questions and guidance at


School Play can be done as a script-in-hand reading, full production or many variations. Download a short version, a few monologues or the full 1 hour and 7 minute script. Use many voices or a few (we premiered it with five, three women and two men.) Or expand your cast to include more actors. There are no fixed rules in regard to casting; anyone can play anyone.

Also appropriately for the theme, there are no props – just a few chairs. And you can make do without them, if you need to. It’s truly a case of doing what you feel will work best, with the resources you have.

Costumes: we used a public school-style uniform of light blue shirts and gray slacks to unify the production. Or, download our logo and print matching T-shirts for your cast.

Set: We used ten matching chairs and assigned each character a “home base” on stage at a particular chair to help the audience keep track of their identity. When not involved, actors occupied the extra chairs upstage. It’s also possible to download our logo and print a poster or banner as a backdrop – we encourage you to use the logo often and widely.


Flyer/Invitation: Download Word Doc, customize and print to post and share

Press release template: Download, customize and send to the press announcing your show

Playbill template: Download, customize and print for your show  (coming soon)